Kirmizigul Cosmetic. Which started its activities in 1996. nas been producing
cosmetic products in ISO, SGS and GMP standards in its modern factory
established on an area of 20.000 m2 in Cerkezköy Organized Industrial Zone
since 2010 Kirmizigul cosmetics, stepped into the sector with its slogan “For a Beautiful
Life” and its story that will be the subject of new success.
As time passes, reached its present day as the scents that We
insoired and the variety of our products that illuminate our wav with the
excitement of the first day increased and increased. Since that day, while all these changes have been experienced , the only thing that has not changed has been our quality and feel. our products met the market with our first day excitement by establishing a professional team working hard to be the best …
Kirmizigul in a branch of the cosmetics company leadership has been developed
in Turkey by developing high quality and cosmetic products. Kirmizigül
Kozmetik, always acting with a principled and high quality production approach,
produces superior products for the beauty and happiness of its customers It always aims to develop better in its products produced with the latest
technology by attaching importance to R&D investmentsIt always aims to develop better in its products produced with the latest
technology by attaching importance to R&D investments. Kirmizigul Cosmetic R & D activities in Turkey and the world in the light of
sclentific testing and analvsis laboratorv at varlous points In the installation.
carries out under conditions strictiv according to international standaras.
Kirmizigul Cosmetics produces cosmetic chemicals and aerosols in accordance
with the latest safety standards by passing the products produced under the
control of teams specialized in the field of aualitv control system at every stage

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In the light of our values that make us who we are, we meticulously select the suppliers we work with from among the most respected companies all over the world, guarantee our brands with over 150 brand patents and move forward by enlarging our investment targets for our brands in the globalized cosmetics market,

To position our branding investments by taking into consideration the tastes and preferences of our consumers in competitive environments that continue to globalize, Our company, which leads the market with more than 300 different products in our professional product segment for our male and female hairdressers, combines the products that meet the expectations of hairdressers and end users with health, and to renew ourselves with all our strength without sacrificing quality, Considering the “need for well-being” of men and women in the world more than anyone else, to introduce them to brand new solutions, and to continue our uninterrupted efforts towards our goals without deviating from our goals.

We are like mirrors that reflect beauty. We are connected to each other with our love of the most beautiful.
With the strength we get from the excitement of the first day, we manage to use our self-confidence in the right place without giving up.

We continue to discover, innovate, produce and add value with our enthusiastic hearts about being the best.

We think of you more than you do, change your understanding of beauty, and renew you from scratch with the products we design.


With our experience of a quarter century, we say “Everything is for a good life” and touch your lives …


There Are Some Dreams ...

For beautiful life

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