Lynx About

Created for those who are confident, adventurous, and have an authentic style, Lynx touches your life with cosmetic and perfume products that emphasize the power of scent. Lynx makes you feel like yourself with its unique and striking scents in each product, adding energy and authenticity to your daily life. Lynx stands out with products that allow men and women to express themselves, reflect their personalities, and strengthen their identities. The special blends in each bottle take you away from the ordinary while leaving a lasting impression on those around you. To be yourself with the power of scent, get to know Lynx and explore new ways to express yourself. Take a step forward and step into Lynx’s unique world. .


Lynx SPC Sport  125ml

Lynx Power Energy 125 ml 

Lynx Luna 125ml

Lynx Choco 125ml 

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