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What is Scrub? What Does It Do? Read More

Slide What is Scrub? As a word meaning, it refers to the care given to the skin. It is known as a method that prevents problems such as ingrown hair, cellulite, ingrown hair, cracks and dead skin. This process should generally be applied in the bathroom. By doing this, it will help your skin purify itself and get rid of dead skin. This process has become very popular in recent years. Scrub makes a great contribution to your body in the renewal of the skin. There are Scrub types that you can apply to different parts of our body. It is important according to the details to be applied to these areas and received in return. Therefore, careful action is required. It is important to use natural products while doing this process. The products that make this process successful are natural products.
Scrub Types
Foot Scrubs Feet have to bear all the burden of our body. Foot scrubs can be used to support, especially to combat how it occurs. Thanks to this process, it will remove the dead skins on our feet. In addition, you will have the chance to apply fragrant natural materials that you will use during the application. Body Scrubs Materials prepared for foot and face scrubs attract attention with their thinner and deeper structure. However, thicker scrubs should be preferred for the procedures for our body skin. Because our body skin is less sensitive than our facial skin. For this, we strongly recommend you to use aloe vera body scrub from the RedOne brand, which allows you to get a 100% natural and wonderful skin. Face Scrubs It is the Scrub process that needs the most attention to its application. Therefore, it is important to act carefully. You can choose one of the many scrubs to apply this process to your face. You should know that this will help it maintain a vibrant, healthy and bright appearance.

FACE AND BODY SCRUB STRAWBERRY AND ALOE VERA Instantly remove blackheads and dead skin cleans. For tired and dull skin, a healthy Increases capillary circulation to give appearance. Effect of shaving cuts and burrs decreases. Leaves skin feeling soft and moist prevents the loss. DAILY SCRUB / STRAWBERRY It instantly removes black spots and dead skin. Tired and capillary to give dull skin a healthy appearance increases circulation. Shave cuts and burrs reduces its effect. Leaves skin feeling soft and moist prevents its loss. It does not create a feeling of tightness on the skin. Microparticles, Shea Butter, D-Panthenol and Strawberry seed content; Provides excellent results by affecting the pores deeply. REDONE PEELED MASK / LEMON FRESH It instantly removes black spots and dead skin. A healthy look for tired and dull skin Increases capillary circulation to give. To the skin gives a soft feeling and prevents moisture loss. Special moisturizing actives in its content effect deep, perfect shine and gives softness. REDONE Peelable Mask / BLACK MASK Immediately removes blackheads and dead skin. Tired and dull capillary circulation to give the skin a healthy appearance improves. It gives a soft feeling to the skin and prevents moisture loss. Active special moisturizing content deeply affects your skin and Provides excellent shine and softness.

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