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20 OCTOBER 2020
What is Hair Serum? How to use ? Read More

Slide What is a Hair Serum? Hair serums are silicone-based products that can cover hair and affect hair deeply. There are many hair serums available that can instantly transform dull and dry hair into smooth, thicker hair. These soft hair products also protect your hair from the harmful effects of the sun, especially in hot summer days. It is very important to choose the right product to make your hair more beautiful and prominent. The product we recommend for this is a great formula for dry and dull hair with argan and grape sseed oil in Redist's Elixir Hair Serum. How to Use Hair Serum? Before applying hair serum, the hair must be clean. The hair should be well cleaned. This information is not given importance when selling hair serums. However, it is a very important detail. Hair serums, mousse and shampoos should be applied while the hair is clean, as its purpose is to protect the hair from dirt and dust. Otherwise, the desired result may not be obtained completely. Depending on the length and thickness of the hair, 3-6 pumps of serum will be required. It is necessary to warm the hair serum in the palm and apply it like that. The way the hair serum is applied is also very important. 1. It Should Be Applied First To The Back Of The Hair After the hair serum is heated in the palm, it should be applied to the back of the hair before applying it to the front part of the hair. 2.Must Be Used More When Needed People using hair serum for the first time should be very careful about the amount. After taking a small amount and applying it to the hair, it is noticed that it is not enough and it can be used a little more if the hair is still considered dry. 3.Apply Last to the Front of the Hair The reason why hair serums are recommended to be applied to the back part first is that even if a lot of serum is applied on the back of the hair, the same mistake will not be made in the front part. If the amount applied to the back of the hair is too much, we can reduce this amount on the front of the hair to ensure balance.

Redist Argan and Keratin content care serum; Redist Elixir Therapy Hair Care Serum; Rich in vitamins and antioxidants Prickly pear oil, grapeseed oil and argan Matt, dry and no damage with its oil-containing formula Give an impressive touch to your seasoned hair.

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