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21 OCTOBER 2020
Hair Care Applications For Men Read More

Men's Hair Care Applications
How do modern men style their hair nowadays? Which product suits which haircuts? What are the options for hair loss? We share with you the rules of hair styling that every man should know. Men who go to a hairdresser a year are very rare now. Maintaining the beautiful hairstyle has become a part of the daily routine these days, like dealing with body hair. If you follow the tips below, you can successfully perform your maintenance routine. Here we go! Dos and Don'ts of Hairstyling for Men Men would only wash and dry their hair. Nowadays, men also have numerous options. Whether your hair is short or long, whatever looks good. Do you prefer a full cut hair like Jake Gyllenhaal or a sophisticated, sporty look that just got out of bed like Johnny Depp? More feminine haircuts with longer bangs and hair that conceals a fringe side are also in fashion. Owen Wilson has given his hair a unisex shape. Be careful! You will also use this hairstyle in your workplace. Whatever the case may be, punk haircuts with dreadlocks, Iroquois or hair styled with Indian tribe or other motifs are a matter of taste.
Useful Tools of Hairstyling for Men
Along with the hairdryer and comb, a man's hair styling tools also include a hair brush. Take a natural bristle brush or a round bristle massage brush, a rubber or wooden bristle brush. The hair straightener can also come in handy for men. Make sure the straightener is of good quality to avoid damaging your hair and scalp. In the meantime, excessively thick eyebrows should be taken with tweezers. You should also regularly disinfect these tweezers with alcohol. Very little wax or jelly will keep the hair close to the skin.
Scalp Care
• Short hair is best styled using jelly. Jelly provides sufficient holding power for short hair. It is very important to use the correct amount of jelly. The hedgehog or concrete look is out of fashion these days. • If you want your hair to fall soft, wax or pomade is the right choice. These products will give off a pleasant scent. • Gel is not suitable for long hair because it makes long hair stiff and unruly. • Wax or styling creams help create a natural hair style. After applying gel or wax to your hair, carefully spray. While the hairspray provides hold, it can also make your hair look oily and low maintenance. REDONE HAIR TONIC MAXIMUM RELAXING A refreshing tonic for the hair follicles. With its special formula male pattern hair loss helps slow down. By massaging the scalp stress, fatigue when applied It is effective in removing such negativities. On your scalp by accelerating blood circulation to more well-groomed and lively hair you have. REDONE HAIR STYLING SPRAY
Full strong grip for creative shapes. In our hair laboratories Special formula developed for your hair; natural looking long lasting provides permanent shapes. It is easily combed thanks to its fine grain structure. It does not cause scaling or residue. Keeping the hairstyle in memory to 12 hours it creates permanent shapes. Vitamins C and E to protect the hair Its special formula contains helps to prevent color fading. REDONE CREATIVE FIBER WAX Hair with its fibrous texture makes the lines clear. Matt with strong grip effect Provides view. REDONE STYLING CREAM WAX Your hair without weighing the hair down Ideal for scattered shapes. Natural matte appearance giving dry texture effect provides. To heat and humidity thanks to its durable structure provides long-lasting. REDONE HAIR POMAD Pronounced with strong holding effect and provides a bright appearance. Creamy special formula allows you to give various shapes without weighing the hair down. provides.

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